Our Partners


As one of the world’s leading sports brands, the PUMA brand is focused on moving FOREVER FASTER to provide the best in performance and style for athletes of all levels.

Foot Locker

Foot Locker, Inc. is a leading global retailer of athletically inspired shoes and apparel. The Company’s purpose is to inspire and empower youth culture around the world, by fueling a shared passion for self-expression and creating unrivaled experiences at the heart of the sport and sneaker communities.


Pensole was founded in 2010 as a footwear design academy by D’wayne Edwards, former Design Director. Implementing a “learn by doing” curriculum students are taught the entire product design process. Since its inception, it has evolved to include offerings for all parts of the product creation industry, as well as a growing in-house product design and development team.


Founded in 2012 by Suzette Henry, the MLab was created as a resource to support Pensole and provide an educational platform for fundamental and innovative materials to be introduced to our design community. Since then, MLAB has evolved into a springboard for global companies to introduce Color, Raw Materials, and Finishes through a creative lens.


FAAS (Functional Apparel & Accessories Studio) is a unique ‘learn while doing’ program instructed by Founder and Design Director, Angela Medlin. Students are challenged to design innovative apparel and accessories through problem solving. In addition, global brand leaders offer FAAS students ‘real time’ mentorship to support a ’true to industry’ educational experience.


As an industrial sewing makerspace, PAL offers access to professional equipment and expert in-house knowledge to support Portland’s growing community of fashion and sewn product designers. 

PAL is proud to be a partner for PENSOLE and the Functional Apparel & Accessories Studio by providing Patternmaking and Development instruction for FAAS students.


Wacom is committed to provide the world’s most creative talents with the most advanced digital tools for expression and productivity and to support the next generation of creative experts. 

Wacom is proud to partner with PENSOLE by providing equipment for
students to use, as well as providing prizes for the top designers in this year’s WSC.


Foundry develops creative software for the Digital Design, Media and Entertainment industries. Their products are used to create breathtaking visual effects sequences on a wide range of feature films, video-on-demand, television and commercials. 

Foundry is proud to partner with PENSOLE for its growing 3D Footwear program, as well as visualizing the top footwear designs for this year’s WSC finals.


Experts in blending the art and science of color, X-RITE/PANTONE focuses on providing complete end-to-end color management solutions for clients in every industry where color matters.

X-RITE/PANTONE is proud to partner with PENSOLE and the MLab to provide resources for 3D Materialization, including digitizing materials for the top footwear and apparel designs in this year’s WSC finals.


Browzwear’s pioneering 3D solutions for apparel design, development and merchandising are the key to a successful digital product lifecycle.

Browzwear is proud to partner with PENSOLE and PAL for providing resources for students to use, as well as visualizing the the top apparel designs in this year’s WSC finals.