Bao Qiancheng

China, 2018

Bao Qiancheng, the 2018 World Sneaker Champion, drew inspiration from the perspective lines and neon lights of Hong Kong city life when creating his design. He competed among the Top 8 designers in an intense 5 day finals challenge hosted by PENSOLE in Portland, Oregon. They faced a different task each day, as they all worked on updating their original design for manufacturing and feasibility. At the end of it all, Bao emerged victorious as the first champ outside of the U.S.

Chris Dixon

USA, 2017

Chris Dixon, a Fayetteville, North Carolina native, approached his winning design by thinking about what PENSOLE meant to him. He wanted to represent the journey and passion of being a creative. Since winning the 2017 WSC, Chris has continued to expand upon his original design by creating a collection of product with a giveback purpose to inspire the next generation of designers. By naming his upcoming brand as “Cnst Dvlpmnt,” Chris seeks to tell the ongoing story that has fueled his mission so far.

Maxwell Lund

USA, 2016

After the class in 2014, the World Sneaker Championship came back as an online only, bracket style elimination tournament for 2016. The timing of it coincided with the U.S. college basketball phenomenon known as “March Madness.”

Maxwell, the first Champ with the new format, showed extensive colorway options to his peers before deciding on the final one for his submission. With the first WSC release through Foot Locker, Maxwell saw his design reach people all across the globe. Since his win, Maxwell continues to blaze his own design path by working on new product collections, while representing his community, Lower SIoux.

Esteban Cristobal
Lindsey Johnson

USA, 2014

When World Sneaker Championship first started, it was an actual course at PENSOLE in Portland, Oregon, with 30 students competing in a month-long design competition. Designing for the Android Homme brand, Stefan created the winning footwear design. Lindsey, the Color + Materials designer who worked with Stefan on the project, was crowned the World Sneaker CM (Color + Materials) Champion. Stefan currently works at Nike in Beaverton, Oregon, while Lindsey works at KEEN in Portland, Oregon.