Footwear Design Prep

What is Footwear Design?

Footwear design blends form and function to create innovative footwear solutions for consumers. A well rounded footwear designer balances an understanding of shoe construction, biomechanics of different activities, and material properties, while staying current with the latest style trends.


When starting a sketch, correct proportions are fundamental. It’s important to show that a shoe can actually fit a foot inside! Different types of shoes have different proportions, so be sure to draw what is appropriate for the activity that the shoe will be used for.

Ideation: Upper + Outsole

Ideation is the process of generating various ideas before you arrive at a final design. Experiment with different silhouettes and features so you don’t miss any exciting design opportunities!


When you have your final design sketched out, it’s time to render! This is when you use markers, colored pencils, or other tools to give the viewer a better idea of what the final product could look like.