Functional Apparel Design Prep

What is Functional Apparel Design?

Functional apparel design involves conceptualizing and creating apparel pieces made to improve performance and protection through innovative
materials. Click here for more information, and here for visual examples.

Trims + Other Details

Trims are used for decoration or extra function of a product. They include a broad range of hardware materials and treatments such as buckles, snaps, buttons, and draw cords.

Flat Sketch

A flat sketch is a technical sketch of a product as if it were laying flat and not on a human form. Flat sketches include details such as stitching and seaming details.

Sketch with Call outs

Callouts are important to include in any design sketch. Callouts point out and explain specific details of the design that may not be well represented by the sketch alone. These may include details about materials, stitch patterns, and finishing.